Butt’s Gourmet Smokehouse traces its history back to the early 1930’s when the current business premises were first established as a butchers shop and delivered to local customers from the back of a horse and cart.

aboutBy the 1950’s the business had expanded into specialty small goods and was taken over by Arthur Butt.   Prompted by requests from local fisherman and access to high quality local trout, Arthur embarked on a process of experimentation to develop a truly great smoked trout.

Many stories exist as to the origins of the final process, including the input of a Scottish swagman and traveling Belgian chef however whatever the truth the resulting product remains today as a testament to Arthur’s creativity and persistence and is recognised by the retention of Arthurs name.

Today the business continues to produce a range of high quality smoked meat products using traditional and contemporary recipes and is one of the very few smokehouses in Australia using wood fired smoke ovens to hot smoke our products and of course none of our products ever include artificial or liquid smoke.

The business is owned and run by husband and wife team Anthony Ainsworth and Marie Bucher. Anthony has a passion for food and agriculture having spent over 30 years studying and working in these industries both in Australia and overseas.

Anthony and Marie are passionate about the whole food experience and providing products which bring pleasure, nutrition and are a joy to share. They like to celebrate local creativity and respect the land and animals they source their raw materials from.

Anthony and Marie enjoy welcoming visitors to their shop in Albury NSW but also supply to restaurants in Victoria and NSW and a small but growing number of retail outlets.


We take care to source our animals from as close to home as possible and are careful to work with supplies who have a sound understanding of the true nature of animal welfare. We aim to work with single suppliers to ensure consistent application of animal welfare standards and are progressively introducing this across our product range. In our discussions with suppliers we are guided by the RSPCA Approved Farming Standards 2014.


All of our products are gluten, soy, nut and egg free. Our trout Pate contains both Cream and Cream cheese from cows milk.


We take pride in running a business that minimises its environmental impact. On the input side we use Powershop as our electricity provider to source electricity from renewable resources to power our lights and fridges, a local farmer provides red gum from fallen trees to power our smoke house (and he produces his own biodiesel from waste vegetable oil to run his ute!). On the output side all of our organic waste is collected and rendered to produce a protein meal and all of our packaging is recyclable.